I’ve been on the phone for close to an hour now. Honestly, I don’t mind since before being connected to the lovely “Gina” I made about four other calls to my cell phone service provider, each of which was met with a Middle-Eastern accent and broken English. I wouldn’t mind that so much except that my request was a little complicated, and each time I called it proved to be more complicated than the Customer Service Representative was able to handle. So I just hung up and called back until I heard the most beautiful South-Georgian accent I have ever heard. Bless her heart.

In the hour and a half that sweet Gina and I have been on the phone, we’ve talked about everything from ex-husbands to sweet tea, to Momma and work stresses. I know how old her sons are, and that her Momma adored her ex husband because of his job and religious affiliation, and she knows I had Mexican food for lunch (sorry for chewing in your ear darlin’) and that my little town has only two stoplights, the same number as her little town.

I know when people say, “I’m not racist…” it makes them sound like they are, but I can’t be the only one who feels that perhaps one of the nation’s largest cell phone providers should use customer service reps that can actually provide service to their customers? Obviously, not every Customer Service Rep is going to connect to their customer like Gina and I, but to be able to understand the English language should be a minimum requirement for employment, no?

So I will say those dreaded words- I’m not racist. Nay, this has nothing to do with race, or ethnicity. This is simply a geographical problem. I would venture to guess I would have the same issue with someone from New Jersey.  Perhaps the representatives with those accents could cater to the customers that speak their native language or hail from that part of the world/country? I have actually said the words, “Man, I am from Kentucky, you’re gonna have to slow down when you talk to me.” My Daddy would say, “I know everybody needs to work but…” but maybe they could just stick to working with the people they can understand and that can understand them? Is it so conceptually difficult to position your call centers by regions? If that were the case, the biggest debate would be Auburn vs Alabama, maybe Tennessee Vols vs Kentucky Wildcats… Go Big Blue, no real debate there. I can live with that. And I can’t be the only one.